Are Escort Agencies Legal?

The legality of escort agenciesin the United States is questionable, which is why they’re forever doing a dance with local law enforcement to evade capture. Around the world every country has different rules. In some it’s openly legal and in others it’s technically illegal but is such a sizable part of the country’s economy that it’s tolerated (think Thailand).
In the United States an escort agency can exist and will typically evade the attention of law enforcement as long as they don’t do anything egregiously illegal. There are always loop holes. For instance, on escort sites you’ll almost never see the girls or the agency refer to sex and often they don’t refer to money, instead using code words that are fairly obvious. It might cost 200 roses to spend the night with a girl instead of $200. She might offer to make your dreams come true or to ensure that you have the night of your life, etc. It should be clear what you’re getting but they can’t be explicit or risk getting arrested.
It shouldn’t take more than a few visits to escort sites to pick up on the language, not that you really need to. You know when you pay for an escort service that you’re going to have sex with the girl, although the language used does give her the ability to walk away from the transaction if you’re an overbearing jerk or if she feels unsafe. Remember, you’re doing something illegal so it’s not like you’re going to run to the police to get your money back. Always be polite!
Most escort agencies use a technicality to skirt by the law that prohibits the selling of sex. Instead, you’re buying the escort’s time. You pay her $200 to spend an hour with her. If sex happen in that hour then it’s the decision of two consenting adults, not something you actually paid for. That’s why if you were to call an escort agency and ask how much it would be to have sex with one of the girls they would tell you they don’t do that sort of thing and likely hang up on you. If you’re going to book an escort you need to know that she’s going to have sex with you without asking or you will never get that date. Some guys have trouble trusting that and thus they end up pushing and pushing on the phone and get themselves shut out.

For the most part an escort agency stays out of legal crosshairs because the belief is that they’re not really hurting anyone. The girls are not forced into it and they’re well-compensated. The guys are paying for and receiving a service. However, busting an escort service is a good way for a politician or police chief to score cheap points with the family values crowd so there’s always some risk. It’s not likely you’ll find the law busting in on you as you have sex with an escort but there could still be consequences. This is why turning to a legal source to get laid (sex dating sites) is a much better alternative.
Any escort agency keeps records as a way of protecting themselves and the girls. In fact, there’s a computer program used by most escort agencies that keeps track of you by the number you use to call. The database is shared by all escort agencies that use the program so they can weed out the really bad guys and keep their girls safe. Even the agencies that don’t use this program will keep records and that’s the only time that things really get messy. When the agency gets busted those records often come out. They’re made public for all the world to see and if you’ve been partaking in escorts you’ll be busted and embarrassed, often on a very public scale.