Review | Is Citysex Real?

The pictures used to tempt you into joining CitySex are often of pornstars, centerfolds, and girls that run professional solo babe sites, which means they’re nothing like the ladies you’ll meet inside. That’s never a good sign and when you sign up for a free account you’ll see that the bad signs continue to mount to the point of major irritation. These annoyances include fake instant messages, fake webcam chats, fake messages in your email box, fake profile views, fake flirts received. If you set up a profile with no picture and no text other than a brief line you still get messages from girls, which is the surest sign you need that City Sex is faking it to get you to join.
On the surface that doesn’t seem like a terrible thing for a sex dating site to do. However, dig a little deeper and it becomes clear that they’re doing it because the product just isn’t good enough to warrant signing up in the hopes of finding sex. This is the kind of sex dating site that’s been setup and filled with fake profiles to make it look sexy so they can separate you from your money for at least a month before you find out that you’re never going to hear back from most of the women listed. Because of this its hard to call citysex legit.
Just about all the girls you see looking to get laid are under 30, super cute and/or super sexy, and talk about being eager to have sex. Those are fake profiles. Honestly, if a girl like that really wanted to have casual sex she wouldn’t need a website to make it happen. A girl like that could walk down the street, pick the hottest guy to walk by her, and bring him back to her apartment and get laid immediately. Sure, there are occasionally super hot chicks on adult dating sites but a site that’s stuffed with nothing but super hot and super young chicks? That’s a scam site.
They bombard you with advertisements for webcam shows at City Sex, another good sign the site is merely a cash grab and not a good faith effort to help guys and girls get together for satisfying sexual relationships. At least an escort agency is more honest about their purpose in trying to hook you up with a beautiful girl.
There is a huge gulf between the highest quality sex dating sites online and those like City Sex that put in a half assed effort at best. If your choice was between joining here (it can cost up to $40/month) or paying $200 for a night with an escort via her escort service you’d be better off dropping the $200. It’s nothing but frustration when you’re a member of City Sex and you do nothing but fruitlessly wait for responses to the many emails you’ve sent. To be fair, there are real girls on here but they’re pretty rare and many haven’t paid for a membership so even if they get your message they can’t respond because you need to shell out to use the features of the site.

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