Escort Warning Signs

How do you know if you’re about to pay for a date with an escort that’s going to turn your dream into a nightmare? Hopefully I can help you with that. First, and this should be an easy one, but you should always shy away from the girls that work the street. That’s the bottom rung on the prostitute ladder and it means that things have not gone well for her. She’s either too drugged out or diseased to work a regular gig or she’s too ugly to warrant charging a considerable fee. Plus, some of the girls working the street are actually cops looking to catch johns and throw then in prison for a few days and get them on a sex offender registry.
That one is pretty self-explanatory (though many guys still persist in trying to find sex with escorts that way; yikes!). There are other signs that an escort might not be everything you’re dreaming of. If you’re browsing escort sites and you come across one with pictures that look too airbrushed and a little too personal it’s a possible sign of trouble. Sometimes they go overboard editing the pictures to get rid of any flaws the escort might have, which ends in disappointment when you see she has a huge scar that was airbrushed out, has fake breasts that were poorly done and look horrible, etc. These things happen and you should be aware.
Escort sites that feature no pictures are all should be ignored entirely. If the girl isn’t willing to share what she looks like it doesn’t matter how hot she claims to be, she’s probably hiding something. There’s a small percentage of girls on sites like Backpage that don’t want to put a picture up because they don’t want their friends and family to find out but it’s not worth risking it in hopes of coming across a girl like that because chances are good most girls not offering pictures are wrong in one way or another.

You don’t ever want to see the pimp. Many escorts have pimps and you should never have to see him. If you do it means something is wrong. That can happen if you’re a jerk on the date and it can happen if the plan is to roll you instead of giving you the service you paid for. One of the problems with escorts is that everyone is doing something illegal so there’s great incentive to keep quiet even if something bad happens to you. That’s why low quality escorts will steal your money if they can. Always be careful and if she mentions meeting her pimp in any way you need to cancel that date immediately.
Disease is a major concern with escorts and you should always do a visual check before you engage in intercourse with her. If her arms or wrists have obvious track marks that’s a sign of heroin use and there’s a very good chance she’s carrying something since sharing needles is the easiest way to get HIV, Hepatitis, and more. You should also do a visual check of the vaginal area before you have sex and make sure she’s free of cold sores before she gives you oral sex. Some STDs are difficult to contact (HIV is pretty tough to get unless you’re on the receiving end or you’re sharing needles, for instance) but others can be picked up with ease (like herpes) and some will be with you forever (herpes again). If her vagina looks nasty for whatever reason then abandon ship because she’s probably got something you don’t want.