How To Evaluate Escort Sites

In 1992 one study reported 20% of all men had paid for sex. That number was probably low due to some men keeping their private activity private and in the intervening years the internet has come along and made it far easier to find an escort either through an escort agency or on her own through escort sites. More than 20 years after that study was published it’s a safe bet that the number has gone up. Escorts are easier to find and there’s a more relaxed general attitude with regards to sex, which means everyone gets to have more, of course. Now there’s a question of selecting the right escort sites to use in you quest for paid sex. Once you’ve found the right site you’ll likely eschew all others and dedicate yourself to that one place of pleasure. Hopefully the tips that follow will help you identify the best possible site to search for dates with escorts.
There are a few sites like Backpage and Craigslist that let escorts post as often as they’d like, which tends to attract lower quality girls with a much higher likelihood of drug and disease problems. These are the girls that are a little more desperate and can be a little more out of control, which is never good when it comes to an escort because that can get you into all sorts of trouble (what if she secretly films the encounter and tries to blackmail you because she’s hooked on drugs and needs money so badly?). In general, avoid the sites that feature daily ads from escorts and stick to those that only update monthly or feature a static collection of listings that are updated by the escorts when something has changed.
It’s also a fairly safe bet to make use of an escort agency or escort service that lists their girls on the company’s website. These places offer you an extra layer of protection as they screen the girls beforehand so you don’t have to worry about someone with mental health issues, drug abuse issues, or anything else that might put you in danger. Of course not every escort agency is a high quality place so keep your wits about you. Does the website look incredibly cheap and poorly done? Do the pictures look fake? Is the grammar bad on the site? Those are all signs that the agency is scammy or just exceptionally cheap, in which case they wouldn’t bother screening for escorts.

There are a fair number of escort review sites so if you have questions about a particular girl or agency it’s worth looking it up online. These review sites are bigger than you might think and just about any girl offering her body for pleasure has been reviewed at one point or another. Guys that buy sex are interested in protecting themselves against getting a bad deal and they do so by reading and writing reviews. If you’re on a site and you’re not sure if the pictures are real of what they’re offering is the real deal then look up the reviews and you’ll find out for sure.
Ultimately you should trust your gut when looking through escort sites. Your brain will give you signals that what you’re looking at is suspicious or questionable and your real job is to forget about how horny and lonely you are for a moment and listen to those signals. Put your desire for pleasure aside just a little bit and move on to the next site. Eventually you’ll find what you seek and then the real fun begins.