Warning Signs I am Getting Attached To My Escort

Warning Signs I am Getting Attached To My EscortAt first glance it should be pretty clear that a girl you’re paying to have sex with you is not a girl to develop feelings for. Those feelings can be difficult to control though and sometimes they develop without you knowing it. One day you think of her as the girl that gives you amazing orgasms in exchange for money and the next day you’re thinking of how you can get her to marry you. It never really comes out of the blue though; you just ignore the signs. Learn to read them.

Before we get into the signs, you need to know that getting involved in a relationship with an escort is almost always a bad idea. It could possibly work with the highest end escorts, but they tend to cost several thousand dollars an hour so only a select few men on the planet are paying for those girls. Most guys pay for girls in the $100-200 an hour range and going from client to boyfriend is disastrous. The girls tend to come from abusive backgrounds, which makes a relationship hard on any level. Then there’s the fact that they’re sleeping with other guys, which is damn near impossible to get over. Remember, there’s almost no chance they’ll stop escorting even if they’re dating you because they likely don’t have another skillset that pays anywhere near the same amount of money.

The Warning Signs
– You want to buy her gifts
– You think of ways to rescue her from the life she’s chosen
– You think of her as your girlfriend
– You think she has real feelings for you
– You want the kissing to mean something
– You think she’ll give you a discount
– You think that special thing she did for you means more than she just wants you to keep coming back
– She’s the one you share all your feelings with
– You think because she listens it means she has feelings for you

Always remember this: An escort’s job is to give you what you want. If you’ve patronized an escort before you know that the sex is usually just part of it. She’ll rub you down, ask you about your day or life so you can release all your stresses, support you when you complain, etc. For the time you pay her she will be anything and everything you need because it’s her job. Plus, she wants you to tip her and come back to her again so she can continue making money off of you.

The problem so many guys run into is that they think the escort doing her job is actually the escort developing feelings for them. Just because she lets you rest your head on her lap and tell her about the hard day you had at work doesn’t mean she’s your girlfriend or has feelings for you. It means you paid her $200 for an hour and she’s going to give you that hour. Even if you need to talk for a few minutes longer she probably won’t leave because she’s good at her job. It doesn’t mean she’s in love with you though.

Guys that purchase the girlfriend experience get into the most trouble. In this case, the escort usually charges more money to make it like a girlfriend. There’s way more kissing and passion and a lot less screwing just to get off. It’s difficult not to get lost in that passion and feel like you’re with a girlfriend, but when it’s all over that’s absolutely what you have to do because she is not your girlfriend. She is an escort you paid to act like your girlfriend.



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