Step 2: Create a profile that generates a high response rate

A lot of guys join a sex dating site and assume that they’re going to have sex that first night because there’s an endless stream of available women. It would be nice if we lived in a world like that, but that assumption is not entirely true. There is a nearly endless stream of available women, but there are at least two guys for every girl (and often quite a bit more), which means you have competition. That’s why you need a great profile. You need to stand out from the crowd and your profile is your first impression.
The picture is the most important element. You don’t have to be exceptionally good looking or have an Adonis-like body (those things would help, of course) to get laid, but you do need to look put together. The picture should be clear and should at least show your face and a bit of your upper body. If you want to add full body pictures in the extra spaces go for it, but the profile pic should show more of your face. Some guys are tempted to show their dicks but that’s a big no no. Women care far less about your penis than you might think and it’s not particularly attractive so you’re not winning any points by showing it off. Going shirtless is often a bad idea too unless you have a seriously hard set of abs. Even then it’s going to turn some women off.
Once you’ve picked a good picture that shows a little personality and gives a clear vision of your face you need to decide what to write. Be sure to keep your sex dating profile brief since the girl will likely be sifting through dozens and she doesn’t want to read a book. You have a few simple goals with it. First, you should show a sense of humor. All women say they want a guy with a sense of humor. They don’t want a guy with a puerile sense of humor though, so don’t be disgusting or juvenile. You don’t have to tell jokes, you just have to show you have a gift for levity and perhaps a bit of a wit. Be a little lighthearted. It’s good.
Studies of response rates on dating sites both adult and vanilla have shown that bad grammar and spelling is a surefire way to turn a girl off. It turns out that even the texting generation has no patience for abbreviations and bad grammar when it comes to romance so table that stuff and take your time to write something competently.
It’s hugely important that you come off as confident while not coming off as cocky or arrogant. Almost no woman wants an arrogant guy because at heart arrogance is a sign of weakness. Only men that lack confidence are arrogant because they’re overcompensating. Be genuinely confident that you can show a girl a good time and she’ll respond the way you want. If nothing else your profile should give off a sense of confidence.

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