Step 6: Write an impressive opening email and hook your lady

As a guy you’ll almost always have to be the one making first contact on a sex dating site (in fact, if a girl contacts you it’s wise to be suspicious since she is very likely to be a scammer unless you’re really good looking or have a great body). This is mostly because girls on these sites are deluged with messages and they hardly have time to browse the listings looking for a suitable guy. They have plenty in their inbox.
You know you have to make the first contact and you should also know by now that you’re competing with all those other guys messaging her. That’s why your mission is to stand out from the crowd. Thankfully it’s not that hard to do because most guys make it easy on you by saying the same stupid things over and over. After just a few weeks on a sex dating site a girl has heard hundreds of times how hot she is, how nice her breasts are, how sexy her ass is, and how good any number of guys will make her feel in bed. Those are all seemingly good things on the surface but dig into the mind of a girl a little bit and you discover that they’re quite rubbish.
The problem is that those sorts of communications show a total lack of investigation on your part. You don’t even need to look at her picture, let alone browse her profile, to tell her that she’s a hottie or that you’ll do amazing things to her in the bedroom. That could very well be a form email. Plus, it’s not at all impressive to say the same things a hundred other guys have said.
Your goals when sending a message to a girl on a sex dating site is to keep it brief and make it at least a little bit personal. You shouldn’t go more than four sentences because you don’t want to waste your time or hers. There’s no point in writing a book to a girl that’s going to see your picture and move on (it’s going to happen; these are sex dating sites and the girls are almost as superficial as the guys). You need to make it personal to show that you’ve put in a little bit of effort, which will make her feel good and separate you from the vast majority of the guys.
Making it personal can be easy though. Read her profile and look at her pictures. Choose something you can relate to and comment on it. That could be something really cute about her smile, her favorite band, her favorite movies, something she likes in the bedroom, etc. You just need to show that you spent some time thinking about her. Just like with your profile you should project confidence in your message (many guys mistake cockiness and arrogance for confidence; don’t do that). You should try to be witty and charming, but don’t overdo it. You’ll get better with practice too, so don’t hesitate to send lots of messages. It takes time and energy to find sex online, but the pot of gold waiting at the end of the rainbow is well worth the effort! And ultimately a much better alternative to using an escort agency!

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