Sex Dating 101 what you need to know

When you use an escort agency to make a date it’s pretty simple. You read what the girls have written (if the site has entries from the possible dates), you look at the pictures, and you go with the girl that turns you on the most. You can mix it up depending on what you’re looking for that night (some girls do the girlfriend experience while others are more straightforward sexual partners, etc) and the escort service will provide what you’re looking for. It’s simple, but it’s fraught with risks (you can read about those elsewhere on the site), not to mention the fact that it can be exceptionally expensive. Those elements combine to make it not worth it for many guys, perhaps including you.
If you choose to pass on having sex with escorts you can still have the casual sexual relationship you crave without having to pay a fortune or meet with a girl that isn’t interested in sex so much as she’s interested in your money. When you find a girl on a sex dating site she’ll be interested in sex and often nothing more (to be fair, some are interested in long term relationships that feature lots of sex).
So how do you make sex dating work for you? It’s important to remember that women are different from men. This seems like an obvious point but guys on adult dating sites persist in contacting girls and treating them as if they were guys and the simple thought of sex is enough to turn them on. Sorry, you’ll have to work a little harder than that. Girls, even if they’re being slutty as traditionally defined, don’t really want to feel that way for the most part. That’s why you shouldn’t treat a girl you’re messaging like a slut and why you shouldn’t treat her like a slut when you actually meet in person. Even if you both know you’re going back to your place to have sex you should offer her another reason for going there (to hear a new song, check out pics from a vacation, etc) because it makes it easier to say yes.

There are a few exceptionally important steps when setting up that first meeting. Your initial contact with the girl is at the top of the list. If you mess that up you can forget about hearing from her again. It’s best to include something personal in the message that you’ve gleaned from her profile. You can comment on her favorite band, something you saw in her picture (a tattoo, perhaps?), etc. Keep that to a sentence or two. Tell her you’d like to get to know her better and then send it off. If she messages you back you can get more in depth. It’s of the utmost importance that you personalize the message. Always remember that girls on sex dating sites are getting tons of messages and you need to separate yourself from the crowd. That’s why telling her she’s super hot and you want to have sex with her is the absolute worst thing you can do.
This last bit is difficult to master, but whether sex dating or working on a real life relationship there’s nothing more important than confidence. Women respond to confidence more than anything and it goes a long way towards sealing the deal. If you project confidence in your messages with a girl she’ll be hotter for you. If you project confidence in person you’ll be in bed before you know it. Always remember that cockiness and arrogance are not confidence. In fact, cocky and/or arrogant guys are always overcompensating because they lack confidence, making them pathetic in the eyes of most women.