Sex dating A better alternative than an Escort

Escort sites are plentiful because escorts are plentiful. There’s no easier way for a woman to make a considerable amount of money in a small time. It’s almost impossible to find a job that pays $100-200 an hour, which is why you’ll find so many escorts vying for your attention online. Whether through an escort agency or a site like Craigslist you have plenty of choices and the cost is actually going down these days, enabling you to get a relatively classy girl for a pretty good price (we’re still talking at least $100 and probably more depending on where you live).
Of course, escorts are not without their risks. A huge percentage are addicted to drugs of some kind, which is why they’re hooking for the money. They need it fast and they need plenty of it to keep up with their heroine/cocaine/meth habit and they’ll sell their bodies to get it. Unfortunately, almost all the girls on the lower end of the cost scale are on drugs. You have to get into the $500/night range and higher to find a girl that keeps her body clean because she’s being paid enough to do, essentially. With drugs and sex comes disease, so you’ll likely run into plenty of escorts with those issues as well. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?
Escorts are made to seem classy and sensual and eager only to please you in movies and TV but those are always the girls on the high end of the scale (if you can afford a $500-2000/night escort then you’re a very lucky man and you don’t really need this site) and they’re unattainable for most men. Most of us are left looking for escorts on the cheaper end of the scale, which is fraught with problems. That’s why you need an alternative, which is where sex dating websites come in.
Most cost no more than $30/month and if you buy multiple months up front you can get the cost below $10/month. The best sex dating sites give you tens of thousands of women to choose from in any given city and millions worldwide. The best escort sites give you a few dozen women to choose from and each cost a pretty penny to spend some time with. Plus, the ladies on a sex dating site are actually interested in sex, orgasms, and all the pleasures that come with coupling with another person for an agreed upon pursuit of the pleasure of release.

The appeal of an escort is that you’re paying her to get you off and to make you feel good. She’ll listen to your problems if you want to spill, she’ll give you a great blowjob without complaining about it, and she’ll let you have sex with her in just about any position. Guys assume they can’t find that on a sex dating site and they’re completely and totally wrong. You can find that and a whole lot more because the women that turn to these sites to have fun are the wildest society has to offer. They’re horny and they know they can find what they crave online, no matter how crazy it is.
If you want a sure thing in the next few hours and you have a bunch of money to spend an escort agency is your only real choice. However, if you want a wealth of options, if you want to keep your costs exceptionally low, and if you want the possibility of continued great sex without having to pay for it then a sex dating site is your only option and it’s a damn good one.