Step 7: Make sure the first sex date is fantastic

The last step to get laid from a sex dating site is nailing that first date. Yup, in most cases you’ll still have to take a girl on a date, even if it’s informal and quick. It’s rare that a girl will just show up at your place or invite you to hers because most are smart enough to know that they need to make sure you’re safe before they jump into bed. No girl wants to bed a psycho and the instance of weirdos, psychos, and slightly to majorly dangerous people is higher on sex dating sites. That’s a fact, so deal with it.
That being said, the date doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. In fact, in most cases that’s a bad thing. If you met through a sex dating site then you both know you’re in the mood for good casual sex, not to build a lasting emotional connection and end up married. Making the date fantastic is almost all about choosing the right location. First, it needs to set the mood, so find somewhere that’s quiet enough so you can hear each other but not so quiet that it feels like you’re completely alone. Bars and clubs with pounding music should be avoided, as should a place like a library.
Second, drinks are always helpful. Neither of you should get drunk (you only think drunken sex is fun because you’re drunk; in the morning you feel crappy and you realize it wasn’t particularly good) but a drink is a great way to loosen it up. There’s a reason alcohol is referred to as a social lubricant. If you want to really seal the deal then tailor your location choice to your date. If she’s a punk chick with tattoos then a wine bar is probably a bad choice. Expand your knowledge of local drinking establishments so you have plenty of places to take a wide variety of ladies.
In general your mission with conversation on your sex date should be to keep it mysterious. Don’t be a withholding jerk, but don’t spill everything about yourself when she asks an innocuous question. This can work for vanilla dating too, but in the world of sex dating it’s particularly effective because it allows her to give you whatever qualities she wants. The less she knows about you the more of a fantasy you can be in her head, which is a good thing. Just like it’s okay to fib a little on your profile, it’s okay if she believes something about you that’s not entirely true because you’re just with her for a night of passion, not a marriage.
Your goal on the date is to show her that you’re not a crazy person and that you’re not going to hurt her. Then you need to charm her, be witty, and give her a reason to go back to your place. It’s uncouth to come right out and say that you want to go back to your place to screw, so invite her back for another drink, to check out a new album, to see pictures, to meet your dog, etc. She’ll know what you’re talking about and if she accepts you’ll know that you’re about to get laid.