Step 1: Learn the sex dating scams so you can avoid them.

The one good thing about escort sites is they’re usually pretty straightforward. You pay this much money and you get this service. If you want to upgrade then you pay more money. Escorts will rip you off if they can but if they go through an agency it’s usually above board. The problem is it costs a fortune (a wild night of GFE fun or upgrading a girl to something like anal will cost you hundreds of dollars for only an hour). That’s where sex dating comes in. You can have all that wild fun and only pay the monthly fee to spend as many hours as possible doing the horizontal mambo with an arousing girl. Unfortunately, the cost of an easy way to find sex is you sometimes have to navigate through scammers that want to part you from as much of your money as possible. Hopefully I can help you avoid them. Here are the most common scams:

Can you pay for me to get to you?

This one is simple, which is why it’s the most commonly practiced on sex dating sites. It usually starts with a seemingly perfect profile or even a girl messaging you (she’s not a girl, by the way; she’s a guy usually in some sort of sweat shop setting working for a criminal organization). She’ll spend a fair amount of time buttering you up and making you feel really good about yourself, largely built around the idea that she, a beautiful creature, wants to have sex with you. She’ll likely be better looking than anyone you’ve ever been with and the allure of being with someone as beautiful as her will be intoxicating. Once she has you fully roped in she will tell you that she lives across the country, in another country, in another state, etc. She’ll tell you that she really wants to sleep with you and will do so if you can pay to get her to your location. Then she’ll request that money via wire transfer or something similar and as soon as you pay you’ll never hear from her again. The scam has worked hundreds of thousands of times on unsuspecting guys over the years and sex dating sites are just the latest battleground for it.

Escorts posing as women that want casual sex

This one is far simpler and less common. You’ve chatted online, you’ve met in person, and you’re about to go somewhere private to have sex. Now that she has you hooked she’ll ask for money. She’s an escort and she didn’t tell you. You can choose to pay her to have sex or you can simply skip it and look for a real girl. Profiles of these girls almost always fall into the too good to be true category.

Extortion scams

There’s a particular breed of awful person that hooks you into having sex and then threatens to use that fact against you. They blackmail you, in other words. This often involves filming the sex so you can avoid that by going back to your place or a hotel and by ensuring that her purse is out of the way just in case she has a hidden camera. This is an exceedingly uncommon type of scam though so you needn’t be too vigilant about it.

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