Step 4: Learn to spot the fake profiles

Fake profiles are a bit of an issue with sex dating sites. It’s a fact of life. I’ve never seen one that didn’t have fake profiles; even the best sites in the business have them because scammers can make money and that’s all they’re interested in. However, with a bit of knowledge and practice you can quickly spot the fake profiles and stop wasting time messaging them. Plus, the fewer fakes you encounter the less you put yourself at risk for financial loss via fraud.
The picture is a good first clue. If you’ve spent lots of time online browsing porn, particularly on amateur sites, you’ll notice that many of the fake sex dating profiles use pictures of particularly hot amateur girls whose pics show up all over the internet. Those are the most obvious. If the girl isn’t using her own picture then she’s probably not a girl or a real person at all. If the picture looks professionally done then she’s probably a fake. If the picture is of a pornstar then she’s definitely a fake.
If the girl is all about you then she’s probably a fake. Scammers often lure guys in by playing on their ego and vanity. When you first come across a profile where the girl only talks about wanting to make you feel good because you’re such a stud, etc, you’re probably going to want her. You’ll think about messaging her because it sounds so great. Then you’ll hopefully recognize that girls like that don’t exist outside of the world of escorts. If she’s all about you then she’s all about taking your money and spending it for herself because she’s a whore or an outright scammer. If a girl signs up for a sex dating site then she wants to have sex because it feels good, not because she wants to live in service to some guy.
The profiles that are overloaded with spelling errors and bad grammar are often fakes. They tend to be done by foreigners looking to scam you out of your money. For some reason they don’t hire a native English speaker to write the profiles so they end up with a mess. Amazingly, they’re still able to scam guys because the pictures are hot enough and guys are dumb enough to fall for it because they’re so lonely and horny.
Experience will be your best teacher in spotting fake profiles, but if you can remember a simple lesson it will go a long way towards helping you: if she seems too good to be true then she most likely is. If she seems perfect then she probably doesn’t exist. That doesn’t mean you can’t message her, but it does mean that you should be cautious and keep your wits about you. If she asks for money then abandon it because she’s a scammer. If something seems wrong that’s your gut telling you to jump ship and move on to the next sex dating babe.

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