Should you tip an escort?

Should you tip an escort?An hour with an escort can vary hugely in price depending on the level of quality you’re going for, whether you used an escort agency, and your location (city girls tend to cost more, for instance). No matter what you’re paying men tend to wonder if they need to tip the escort. It’s a good question and there is no simple, single word answer. It varies by situation.

There are some escort agencies that request any tip you’re going to give the girl be done beforehand, but that seems downright insane. Why would you tip her before you know what the experience is like? What if she sticks a finger in your ass and you absolutely hate that? What if she insists on smoking even though you asked her not to and you find it disgusting? What if you were told she would kiss and she refuses when you want to? These are all reasons you wouldn’t tip an escort. So what do you do if you’re told that all money has to change hands before anything happens, including the tip? You’ll have to take a guess, really. If she’s sexy and seems like she’s going to give you a good time then it’s worth tipping her. If you plan on going back to the same agency then you should definitely tip since word of your generosity or lack thereof will get around.

Here’s a little something you might not have known: escort agencies track you. In fact, many use a system that is linked nationwide so your information is shared across the country. They don’t use your actual name or picture or anything. Typically it’s the phone number you call on and since they don’t allow blocked numbers they always have yours. The tracking isn’t nefarious though; they do it to protect their girls. Guys that are crazy, dangerous, or have attempted to force something on the girls are banned and the nationwide linking ensures that other escorts won’t get into the same issues. I mention this because the tracking system has positive information too. If you’re a good tipper it will be noted and other escorts that use the system will treat you better. Escorting is like any other service industry. The good customers are treated better and when you tip a working girl you’re a good customer.

Ultimately you should make a habit of tipping escorts and tipping them well if you can afford it. It’s nice if you’re doing it so they can afford to get out of the business sooner, but the best reason to do so is purely selfish. The better you tip the better your service is going to be. You might wonder how an escort could make the service better, but you’d be surprised. These girls are sexual professionals and they know what guys want. If you go back to a girl repeatedly and you’re a good tipper she will learn what really gets you off and do it. That could mean a particular type of outfit, a move you really like, and a thousand other things. Just know that tipping her consistently is what gets her to raise her game.

If your visit to an escort is a onetime thing there’s no reason to tip her. If she gives a genuinely terrible performance and you don’t have a good time then you should withhold a tip. You might also consider reviewing her online if she’s terrible at her job. If you were promised something that you didn’t receive it’s okay not to tip. It’s also okay not to tip whenever you want, but you need to know that she’ll remember, other escorts might find out, and next time the service might not be as good.



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