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Summary: is a great alternative to hiring an escort. This sex dating site works!

More than 42 million members have registered at Book of Sex, making it one of the largest sex dating sites in the world. At any given time there are roughly 100,000 members online and any area you live should have a plentiful supply of available women to message. All of that makes this sex dating site superior to an escort service and it’s mostly because you get all of that for such a low price and you don’t have to pay per visit or for each hook up. The time has come for all horny men to embrace sex dating and forget about escorts so you get the girl you want for the price you can’t beat.

The Five Point Review Of Book Of Sex


1) Real Versus Fake Members On | Is Book of sex Legit?

For such a large site it’s impressive that Book of Sex features such a small number of scamming and fake profiles. You’re going to find them at almost any site because it’s a target rich environment (let’s face it, horny, lonely, and sometimes desperate men are vulnerable to seduction techniques that will lead them to shelling out money for the chance to sleep with a girl). You’ll find a small number of escorts among the listings looking to find guys wherever they can but in general they’re clear about what they want so if they ask for money you can simply say no and move on to the next potential date. Scams where the girl asks you to send her money for a plane ticket or money to stay in a hotel for a few days are rare but they happen too. The truth is, the sort of scamming members found at Book of Sex try and get your money in the most basic, transparent ways so all you need to do to avoid them is have a little common sense. Remember, they’re preying on the most desperate and socially dysfunctional of men so if you avoid being that guy you should be okay.In the end the site leaves little doubt Bookofsex is legit!

2) Size of the Membership Base On

As mentioned above, there are more than 42 million members of Book of Sex. Of course, that’s all the people that have signed up for a free membership and paid membership, so a significant number of those members cannot read the messages you send them. However, with nearly 100,000 people online at any given time, you can rest assured that this site is well-populated with active, paying members that you can chat with, send messages to, and setup dates with.
As you probably know, it’s the male to female ratio that actually matters more than the number of total members. Book of Sex is excellent in this regard as well, offering a lower ratio than most sites (on some there are 30 men for every 1 woman, which is unacceptable but that’s not the case here). You should sign up for a free membership and do a cursory search in your area just to make sure there are available ladies so you know what you might be looking at as a member.

3) Site Design and Functionality Review Of

With their overwhelming number of members it’s no surprise that Book of Sex has invested in a high quality design that makes the user experience far better. This is the main reason behind my positive review of book of sex It starts on the main page that greets you upon log in. If you’ve received any messages, flirts, profile views, friends, testimonials, etc, you’ll see them noted on the left side of the page. If you’re actively looking for a girl to hook up with that’s the first thing you’ll check and with any luck your inbox will be swollen with positive replies.
The main page also presents you with matches that are online, members near you and new members to peruse with just a few clicks. Below that you’ll find the hottest amateur photos and videos uploaded by members. Speaking of which, that amateur content is one of the best features of the site with tens of thousands of pieces of content you can browse and it’s all genuine amateur stuff that’s been uploaded by exhibitionist users since the site launched.
The search function offers a decent range of customization options to help you get the list of girls you desire. There are a few physical traits you can pick (breast size, hair color, etc) along with lifestyle options like whether or not she smokes and drinks. More customization would always be good but it’s enough. Profiles are well-designed and easy to peruse for picking out the nuggets of information that will determine if she’s the girl for you.

4) Your Chances of Success On | Does Book Of Sex Work?

Book of Sex has such a huge collection of members and has been around for a fairly long time because it’s a great sex dating site. That means that members genuinely have good luck hooking up. They police the site to scrub the fake profiles to ensure its integrity and that means most girls you message will be the real deal, particularly if you limit your searches to those that have upgraded their memberships and are thus able to get back to you. Book of Sex Works!

In other words, your chances of success as a member of Book of Sex are terrific and when compared to the cost of having sex with escorts it’s a great deal. This way certainly takes more effort but when you succeed in your quest to find sex there’s a good chance it will happen over and over again, getting you laid multiple times with the same girl and the sex only gets better each time you go back.

5) Billing Information For

It costs $29.95 to upgrade to a premium membership (the kind that lets you message people and see the amateur porn) and that renews at the same price every 30 days until you cancel. If you’re comfortable signing up for a longer period up front you can buy four months or 18 months at a time. They give you a bigger discount the longer you purchase for, with the monthly cost coming in at less than $10 if you purchase 18 months up front. That’s a big expense but if you feel like you’ll be in the mood to find sex online for that long then it’s actually worth the purchase. Just think, for less than what an escort service charges you could have casual sex for a year and a half.



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