ihookup.com Review | Is ihookup Real?

iHookup attempts to separate itself from the sex dating crowd by promising to match you up with potential dates by sexual chemistry. It sounds pretty good but ultimately they’re the exact same as every other site with a few unpleasant additions. First, they’re not doing anything revolutionary with regards to sexual chemistry. They ask you a few questions about what you’re looking for in a sexual partner and then match you with someone that meets that criteria. They’re asking more questions than some sites in the sex dating world but they’re pretty far from what actual sexual chemistry is. Even if you’re into the same things you could have rubbish chemistry with someone.
The most annoying thing about the site is their attempt to sell you completely bogus reports to squeeze more money out of you. For $0.99 you can order a ìpassion reportî that will tell you how passionate you are. They call it a vital report and apparently it will tell you what kind of lover you’ll make, as if you didn’t already know that (and if you don’t know that then you can’t know it by ordering a report; you need to have sex to find out what kind of lover you’ll be). Plus, even if you have that information it’s hard to see how it would offer any help in making you better at picking up women online. For $5.95 they offer a ìlove and sex forecastî and as far as I can tell that’s complete bullshit. It seems to be the sexual equivalent of a horoscope and it couldn’t be more of a rip off. Kudos to them for coming up with a way of extracting more money from their members but if you order either of those you clearly have money to burn since they offer zero value in helping you get laid, which is the purpose of iHookup. Because of this its hard to call ihookup legit!
The focus on chemistry is the big emphasis of iHookup and it comes into play on the profile page. There’s a tab on each profile that says ìAbout the two of youî where they compare you with the girl (or guy) in areas like desire, foreplay, dirty talk, etc. You’re given a score in each category and so is she and you get a chart comparing the scores. It’s about as a basic a version of chemistry as could be and it’s not really about chemistry. It’s about how you answered questions.
iHookup doesn’t really deliver on the promise of chemistry-based sex dating but none of that would really matter if they could compete with the big sites in terms of available members, response rates from the girls, etc. The problem is that they don’t. A significant number of the girl profiles are either fake or setup by the site to make it seem like there are more of them ready to message you than there actually are. It’s common with the smaller dating sites but it means that what seems like a sex dating destination stuffed with high quality women when it’s not. It’s just not worth the money.

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