Review | Is SaucyDates Real?

SaucyDates sets itself apart from other sex dating destinations online by offering their services free of charge. Other sites let you join for free but charge you to message anyone or really doing anything of meaning once you’ve joined. Here, they let you do it all for free, but there are costs to that. The sign up is clunky as they slowly take you through your location info. Plus, it’s annoying that they send a random password instead of letting me choose. It makes it much more likely I’m going to forget it and never log in again.
After signing up you choose a sponsor. On the page they explain that their site is totally free but that such a service comes with costs and they need a way to make money. That’s why they have you choose a sponsor. There are three choices and they’re all sex dating sites, which is pretty weird. Why would you sign up for a paid sex dating site when you’re joining one for free? Isn’t that kind of an admission that they’re doing a bad job with their site? The sponsorship ends up being hugely annoying, unfortunately. At the bottom of every page is a little bar for an adult dating site that pops up fake chat windows. On many pages you’ll find results from the sponsor you chose, clogging things up and confusing you as to which girls are the ones you can actually mention. There are ads on every profile page. It gets a little overwhelming, to be honest, and because of this its hard to call Saucydates legit.
Despite charging nothing at all for members, Saucy Dates isn’t worth joining as a sex dating site. It’s better than an escort service, of course, but there aren’t nearly enough girls and the site is minimalistic in every way when it comes to helping you hook up. The search function lets you choose the sex and sexual orientation of your potential matches and that’s it. You can eliminate members without pictures and those that are no longer active as well. You can’t choose distance or location. It’s an astoundingly limited search function that makes it hard to dig into the listings.
Most profiles feature little to no information. You get an age, sex, and location and that’s often it. They ask a few questions in the profile setup area but they don’t share much of that information with anyone else so it’s really hard to know if you’d be a match with someone. Plus, since the site is free they don’t seem to get the same kind of interaction that paid sites promote. If people pay for something they treat it with greater seriousness, in essence.
SaucyDates is a sophisticated advertisement for a sex dating site. There are members and you can contact them, but if you’re at all serious about getting laid using the internet as your interface for doing so you’ll find another site to make it happen. This site does little more than try and get you to join a variety of sites so they can make money off of you. It’s frustrating and a complete waste of time.

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