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Xpress is the cream of the crop when it comes to sex dating. This site will get you laid. Highly Recommended!

Hopefully you’ve come around to the idea that using an escort agency to get laid is a bad idea. With so many reasons to choose from why it’s a terrible idea surely one will resonate with you. Now you’re ready to delve into the world of sex dating but it can be a scary place. There are sites aimed squarely at taking your money by any means necessary, which often means scamming you into joining and letting you flounder with a total lack of connections. Luckily there are sites like Xpress sex dating, that are run by good people with good intentions (namely, they want to make their money by getting you laid so you’ll come back month after month because you’re having such a good time). You can find sex with escorts and pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege or you can fork over a comparably paltry sum and have sex with as many ladies as you can handle through Xpress.

The Five Point Test Review Of Xpress.com


1) Real Versus Fake Members On Xpress.com

As hard as Xpress might work to weed out every scamming and fake member they simply can’t get all of them, mostly because some seem like totally legitimate profiles. That’s the most common type of scammy action at Xpress. The girl comes across as utterly perfect. You read the profile and she’s saying all the right things, even tapping into whatever your particular sexual desire might be. She has pretty pictures that don’t look over the top beautiful or professional and she invites you to contact her because she’s really horny. Ultimately the scammers are successful because can’t resist that sort of thing when they’re a little bit lonely and really horny, sadly. Those profiles show up on every single sex dating site but they’re not any more common at Xpress than anywhere else and they genuinely work hard to eliminate them from the listings because it’s in their best interest to do so. Again, this site is run by professionals that have a stake in you having a great time and continuing to pay for a membership month after month. There’s little evidence of other scammers (private investigators trolling for cheaters, blackmailers, etc). At the end of the day, Xpress works at getting you laid!

2) Size of the Membership Base On Xpress.com

Xpress stands out from most sex dating sites by boasting more than 40 million members to draw from. Some are only free members that can’t email you back if you try to set up a date but the number of paid members is still the best or close to the best in the industry, which is no small thing. When you want to find sex online it’s important to have a high volume of ladies to choose from, which is why the site works. It’s also a significant benefit over escort sites or an escort agency where you can only choose from a small handful of girls. At Xpress you’re likely to find thousands, if not tens of thousands, of available women in your area. If you’re in a big city like Los Angeles or New York you’ll have a seemingly limitless supply of beauties to browse and hopefully convince to go on a sex date with you.

3) Site Design and Functionality Review Of Xpress.com

The design of sex dating site Xpress sets it apart from others in the market. Most important is the profile pages, which is where you’ll spend most of your time as you look to find sex. At the very top of the page is the basic profile that gives the girl’s age, zodiac sign, height, etc. Below that are any additional photos she’s added and to the right you’ll find all your contact options, including the ability to request a meeting in person. A nice feature is the option to add a note that only you can see to any profile. From notes about how she was in bed to a reminder to avoid her in the future it’s really handy. Xpress asks for a fair amount of information in the profile so it’s easier to match you up and all of that is displayed on the profile page in an easy to read format. The pages look good and they’re easy to browse and quickly pick up information so you can decide if you want to message her without wasting time.

The search function is the same as any other site, allowing you to go basic with a location and age range or to get a little more in depth with physical traits, etc. The chat rooms and virtual sex world are pretty cool and a good way to kill time while you’re waiting to hear back from a potential sex date. You can hit up the many erotic stories and free streaming porn videos if you’d like as well.

4) Is Xpress.com Legit?

Xpress has a number of things going for it that make your chances of successful sex dating high. The high volume of members and the good male to female ratio is first and foremost. No matter how much competition you have if there are lots of ladies to message you’ll have better luck making a successful sex date. The sterling reputation of the site is helpful too, mostly because it does a lot of the groundwork for you. Girls sign up knowing that it’s a good place to get laid so they don’t come into it skeptical about the process. They come into it knowing what’s going to happen and looking forward to it, which can really work for you.

The site’s streamlined design and wealth of information makes it easy to quickly determine which girls you want to message and when you’ve been doing it for a while you realize how great that is. The most time consuming part of sex dating is sending messages and making them good, which means reviewing information on each girl and finding something unique to talk to her about. Xpress.com makes it easy to do that. Plus, if you don’t hook up within 100 days and you’ve done the bare minimum to make it happen Xpress will refund your money. This makes Xpress a much better alternative than using an escort agency or escort service.

5) Billing Information For Xpress.com

Unlike an escort service it’s a relative bargain to hook up at Xpress. It costs only $29.95/month with a three day trial up front that costs $1. If you like what you see you can keep your membership and it will renew every month at $30 and can be billed to your credit card or checking account. A cheap escort will run you $100 and most are closer to $200, so the price difference is considerable, especially since if you’re good you can get laid multiple times a month at Xpress.



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